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From time to time we may post information provided to caravan owners by NACO. Since 1996 the National Association of Caravan Owners has provided advice and support to owners of static holiday caravans across the UK. The journey has been a turbulent one, with many battles won on behalf of holiday caravan owners.
A really significant movement is developing for our industry and you all have the ability to get involved! On Wednesday 17th February Dean Dunham – ‘The Consumer Lawyer’ aired a live stream on YouTube titled: ARE CARAVAN PARK OWNERS BREACHING CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS? As previously reported, Dean was also instrumental in encouraging Park Dean Resorts to change their COVID-19 pitch fee refund policy.

You can view the latest video update here - this is the important breaking news!!
Following the item, there have been some important interactions between Dean and the BH&HPA and you can read more here:

This is the link to the recording of the live stream on 24th February dealing with caravan owners' complaints

This would seem to be an ongoing campaign by Dean Dunham and we will update this page as and when we are able. In the meantime we suggest that you follow Dean on his You Tube channel and keep an eye on the NACO blog
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