Swanage Bay c 1910, with bathing machines

Advice from the Association re water, gas, electricity, waste etc will be posted here.

Information on the new (March 2013) Smart Meters and issues arising are discussed in various newsletters and other updates. Visit the News page for the latest information.

Gas supply:
Remember you can buy your calor gas from any supplier you like.

FLOGAS:  We have negotiated a contract with Flogas. The price is usually cheaper than buying gas bottles from the park – please check current price with Flogas. There is no delivery charge.

There are two phone numbers for Flogas - 0800 574 574 (free from landlines but charged if called from a mobile) or 02380 898 341 (which is a normal call rate). Please ask for Emma at the Fawley depot.  Email: www.sales@flogasco.uk

You need to tell them your name, van number and the area of the Park you are in (eg Daisy).    Flogas normally deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays.  They have a map of the site and will find your van.  They will take your payment on a debit or credit card over the phone, or you can arrange a different type of payment.

Since the closure of the old Council recycling centre in December 2011 we have enjoyed much quieter weekends on the eastern side of SBV! The new centre off Victoria Avenue (BH19 1EJ) is a very modern facility – many of us can see it across the valley and take some satisfaction that all the cars visiting it at weekends no longer drive up the lane next to SBV.

The main waste disposal containers for SBV itself are now situated at the bottom of the site in the utility area, opposite The Vista. You can recycle cardboard and paper here and general landfill rubbish. Situated around the park there are bins for unrecyclable, general household (caravan-hold in this case!) rubbish. Contractors empty these bins on Mon and Fridays. There are no facilities for recycling glass or plastic on SBV.

Dotted around the site there are bays for depositing your green waste. If you have a disability or any problem accessing the green waste deposit areas reception will arrange a collection from your caravan for you. Just give them a ring and leave green waste at the front of your caravan.



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