Selling your caravan

Advice from the Association on selling your caravan:

This article has been drafted to reflect the new licence to replace the STC version in June 2013. There are some personal accounts of the sales procedure at the bottom of the page.

Selling your caravan is something you need to take legal advice about. Please feel free to keep us advised if you wish to sell and to use the “For Sale” section of this website. You can submit a sales summary via the Association email and we shall place the details on the website.

In all cases we suggest you preferably employ a solicitor to do this work, as in the past people have been seriously misled, and have paid commission that should have been paid by the buyer,  incorrectly. Your caravan is a big investment and it needs to be handled accordingly. If you do not already have a solicitor then feel free to contact NACO for a solicitor who is familiar with the licence, and has experience of selling a caravan on the site. NACO, Dan Ellacott 01255 820321

Sales procedure: You can sell your caravan privately, through the park, or through another agent if you do decide to sell privately. You do not have to appoint the park as the sole selling agent.

When you decide to sell your caravan you must visit the Sales Office and let them know your intention. They may make you an offer for your caravan. Recent experience has shown that it would be worth checking with a local Estate Agent before accepting any offer from the sales office. It may well be possible to obtain over 8 times the amount of money initially offered by the Sales Office by selling privately. This is a substantial difference and illustrates the wisdom of seeking professional advice.

You must refer to your licence and follow that. There are then some important points to note, shown below.

It is important to understand that if you sell a caravan, then the buyer can choose to have the same licence as you have for the remaining years of the unexpired term.

The park may wish you to sign a Private Sale Agreement (PSA). You do not have to sign this, as it is not part of your licence. There is a quite adequate sales procedure in your  licence that can be used. It is best to check with NACO or a solicitor before you decide to sell.

Commission: You will note that it is the buyer who pays any commission, and that commission is ADDITIONAL to the sale price, not included in it. Darwin in the past has included commission in the sale price and has taken it from the seller, not from the buyer. That does not comply with your licence and can put you at a serious disadvantage, possibly of several thousands of pounds. It is suggested that you add the expected commission to the sales price so that the commission is covered and then neither seller nor buyer has any unexpected payments to make.

We believe that if you sell privately, then the buyer’s commission  should only be a simple admin charge commensurate with the work done to change the names on your existing licence to that of the buyer. We have agreed with Darwin this is £500 at present and this is reflected in the replacement STC in 2013.

If Darwin sell your caravan for you we suggest that you negotiable with the Sales Office the size of the commission which your buyer will pay.

Personal accounts of sales procedure: We have been sent two accounts of how sales work in practice, and there are links to these below.

Do note that these are personal accounts from individuals and are not from the Association. They reflect individual experience and circumstances – indeed the two accounts differ markedly in many respects, though both do mention the £500 (&VAT) commission/admin fee approach being successful.

Both accounts are accessible by clicking here. 

If you want to pass on your own experience of selling to add to these accounts please let us know.



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