Office of Fair Trading

Girl with bouquet above Swanage Bay by Charles Conder 1899.

Girl with bouquet above Swanage Bay by Charles Conder 1899. This painting hangs in the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia. Charles Conder learnt his art whilst living in Australia but returned to Europe and holidayed in Swanage with Augustus John.

Office of Fair Trading

The Office of Fair Trading seeks to ensure fairness for caravan owners and has published  Guidance on unfair terms in holiday caravan agreements in 2005.

Both Swanage Town Council and Darwin have said they will comply with this.  We attach the full guidance notes and a Summary of Significant Points with index.   Unscrupulous park owners often do not comply with these Guidance notes to  the detriment of caravan owners.  At all times we bring these to the attention of Darwin to ensure we are treated fairly.  In our view it is essential that  all Darwin staff are thoroughly conversant with  all aspects of OFT 734 so SBV can be operated fairly.

For details about OFT 734 see the linked documents below.

We are in touch with the OFT and will send them a copy of the final draft licence (available on this site here).  The most recent correspondence from OFT (which refers to our discussions with DTS) is available below:

Our September 2012 letter to DTS with information to help with dealing with the return of sales commission incorrectly taken by Darwin can be accessed by clicking here.

OFT 734 Documents:


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