Dorset Trading Standards

1890 Geological map of Swanage and Swanage Bay

1890 Geological map of Swanage and Swanage Bay – for more information see Ian West’s geology website.

Dorset Trading Standards (DTS) 

We have working with DTS since 2008, and there has been a plethora of correspondence since then.  It is not possible to list all this on this website, so only a few documents are posted.    The posting will be updated to report progress.

Naturally there have been differences of views expressed between us, but the interesting thing is that the views expressed by DTS are not always the views expressed by other Trading Standards Services in other parts of the country.   However, we are working with what we have.

In summary therefore, we have asked DTS to address a series of issues – see our letters to them of February and March 2012 accessible below.  In the intervening correspondence different views have been expressed – a recent note from DTS (31st August) can be accessed in the links below.

In September 2012 we wrote to DTS with information to help with dealing with the return of sales commission incorrectly taken by Darwin.

Most recently (November 2012) we have received a detailed reply from DTS (linked below) in which we are pleased to see that DTS consider it to  be rather petty and heavy-handed to  undermine a gathering of the Association and that any attempt to do this by limiting the use of a shared facility can only be short-lived and irritating in the DTS view. Also that DTS consider it entirely illogical and not constructive for Darwin to deal only with individuals and not to deal with the Association which represents about 220 individuals, as part of good customer care. We think it quite bizarre therefore that Darwin does not wish to deal with the Association.   It is after all just plain common sense to deal with the Association, and there is no other Association on SBV for Darwin to deal with.

We have fully involved the OFT in all this, and their latest letter to us is also available in the above links. For more on the OFT, and their caravan park guidance visit our OFT page.

We are hopeful that the many issues where we believe Darwin can do more to ensure compliance with the licence and OFT 734, will be resolved in due course with or without the help of DTS.  We are disappointed however that  it is necessary to involve DTS as we think a park manager which has the interest of the caravan owners, its customers, at heart should comply with  the licence and the law in the first place.

Posted 16th September 2012.


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