Single Licence Concept

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(Full details, and a copy of the documentation, of the actual 2013 Licence are given on the 2013 Licence page)

Summer 2013 News on the single licence: On Tuesday 16th July we had the chance to meet together with NACO and Darwin to celebrate the new licence at Swanage Bay View. The celebration was attended by Anne Foulkes and Adam Foskett representing Darwin, Steve Munro and Dan Ellacott from NACO, members of the Owners’ Association Committee who had worked with NACO to draft the new licence on your behalf, and a few other members. 

Our thanks go to all the members who stood together and supported the work of the committee in getting a licence which is undoubtedly the best in the industry in England. This is a licence which can now be taken by NACO to help improve the terms of thousands of other holiday caravan owners.

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Spring 2013 News on the ‘Single Licence’: A new licence is now available. Darwin’s letter introducing this was sent to owners on 14th March. The Owners’ Association response, with guidance to owners, was sent out on 18th March (available here) and updated information is now available in Newsletter 56 sent out on 6th April (available here) and Newsletter 57 sent on 23rd May (available here).

The new licence replaces all previous licences and in the view of NACO, Darwin and the Owners’ Association, is probably the best licence available in the UK. The only aspect agreed with Swanage Town Council that is not written into the new licence is instalments. Given that we have been paying fees and rates by instalments since 2008, and that we have a letter from Anne Foulkes (available here) saying that we can continue to pay by instalments, we feel that the new licence can be recommended to all owners.

Background: Our understanding from the Summer of 2011 was that Darwin wishes to have one licence to cover all caravans on SBV.   We can certainly understand and support the desire to have one licence.   We can see some of the benefits would include:

1. Simplified administration; no question or confusion over which licence version each customer has
2. Standard sales terms for new customers.
3. Improved customer relations; owners would not find when talking with each other that they discover “my licence doesn’t say that” or “that’s not what I pay”

With this in mind we have been working to construct a single licence, with NACO, one which in its finality will be industry-leading.

In order to get all owners to be willing to sign up to a new licence, it has been our reasonable view that the new licence would need to include all the key items from each of the existing licences.

This would then avoid an owner who has compared the new licence with their existing licence saying “the new licence doesn’t have this item from my existing licence and is not as good as my existing licence”.  Following this logic we have pulled together what we have called “the best bits” from the existing licences into the new one that we would propose.

At our meeting with NACO on 13 September 2012, we both agreed that it would now be a good time to show you the final draft licence which we have been working on with them. It is important to remember that Darwin have requested one licence for everyone on the site.

This is the licence that we would like to sit down with Darwin and discuss. Unfortunately Darwin have not responded to any of the dates for meeting with your Owners’ Association and have currently withdrawn from negotiations.

Below are links to two documents available to read (both open in a new window when clicked). The first is a covering note explaining the context of the current draft licence, the second is the Final Revised Draft Licence as currently (2012) proposed:

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Please read the 2013 updates about the Single Licence concept at the top of this page.


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