Existing ‘STC’ Licence

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This page describes the now long-established licence agreements originally made with STC, and how those agreements were transferred to Darwin. Those agreements are of course still in force – and are now consolidated in the new 2013 Licence page.

Outline information on the STC licence agreements is given below.

This information is taken from our Achievements Summary Document which can be downloaded here.

Reduction in Core Fee
In 2009 STC and Darwin agreed to keep to the licence and only increase core fees by RPI (Darwin has agreed CPI from 2013/14).   As a result, fees are now about £1,100 less in total since 2009/10 than otherwise.
Basis of Core Fee calculation
This was clearly established by STC eg annual consultations and fee calculation process and basis, the option of payment of fees and rates by instalments.
Sums spent by the park owner
Sums spent by the park owner on the park and/or its facilities, are to be for the benefit of the caravan owners.  Otherwise they are to be paid for by the park owner.
Deletion of “any other factor”
“Any other factor” can no longer be used as a means of increasing annual fees.
No double recovery
This is an important issue for which STC made a refund to all caravan owners on the site, of about £350.  Any one-off costs must be removed before calculating the following year’s fees.
On-off capital expenditure
One-off capital expenditure for any one year will be the estimated sums for items proposed by Darwin for the benefit of the caravan owners.  Otherwise it will be paid for by the park owner.  How depreciation is dealt with has been agreed.
The option of instalments for fees and rates
A contractual arrangement was agreed with  STC in 2008, and has been implemented ever since.

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