Classic Swanage Railway Poster – beach and Ballard Head

This part of the site sets out information on the current licence situation.

Licence Update, June 2014: the documentation for the 2013 Licence, agreed by Darwin for all owners, is available on the 2013 Licence page.

Park Rules Update, April 2014: In 2013 we signed a new licence at Swanage Bay View and also agreed a set of Park Rules; these are shown in the pdf file here.These rules were produced by Anne Foulkes following input from Ro Burbridge on behalf of owners.

Our licence makes it clear in section 13 that any changes to Park Rules have to be discussed with owners before they are implemented. The recent proposed changes included in the letter from Adam Foskett dated 7th March 2014 are just proposed changes until the discussion process has concluded.

The rules attached to our licence in 2013 and available here on the website, are the current rules until owners agree that they should be changed. We look forward to working with NACO and SBV Management to discuss any changes either side wish to make. Update April 28th 2014: An email circular to members about the rules and licence is available by clicking here


New licence agreed 2013: A new licence, based on the best of the old STC Licence, as amended in 2009, has now (2013), been agreed by Darwin, in collaboration with the Association and NACO. It is considered to be the best holiday park licence in the country. For more information click here.

Background: The Association agreed binding changes and clarifications to the original Swanage Town Council (STC) back in 2009. Those agreements transferred to Darwin when they bought the site.

Since then Darwin introduced new licences for some new owners, and there are now several licences in existence. This was confusing, and the newer licences may not have the advantages (to owners) of the longstanding STC licence.  The STC licence, and the agreed changes, are of course still valid for those who hold that licence and are still binding on Darwin.

In 2011 Darwin suggested rationalising the situation to one licence for all. It was agreed with Darwin that this would be coordinated by NACO, based on suggestions from Darwin and the Association.  In March 2013 Darwin announced the new licence was finalised – for more details about this see the information and links on our Single Licence Concept page.

More information on each licence concept is available from the sub-menu below: