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Swanage Bay View Caravan Owners’ Association Constitution

November 2017 update: It has been many years since the constitution of the Association was agreed. During that period the Association has evolved and many of the issues arising at the time of the formation of the Association have been resolved. We now feel it is time for the constitution to be changed to reflect the way the Association is currently run and ensure that the expectations on our committee are reasonable. We need to remember that our committee are all volunteers and receive no payment for the many hours of work they put into the Association.

Changes were discussed and agreed at our meeting on 30th September 2017.  The revised constitution is as follows:

Modus Operandi

The committee should work to meet the Aims of the Association within the Rules by whatever means they consider to be most effective, but these should include:

  • regular meetings for Members to share their concerns and ideas
  • regular meetings with the Darwin Operations Director to share concerns and facilitate consultation over future policy
  • regular newsletters to Members
  • maintaining Members’ website.


  1. Rules to be agreed at first AGM and any amendments to be made by vote at an AGM or EGM.
  2. Association members’ problems will only be considered for action after the matter has been pursued through the appropriate site management channels.


  1. Membership to be limited to owners/joint owners of caravans on the site park and their family members.
  2. The Membership Secretary to seek renewals on a rolling three year membership term starting on 1st march 2016. New members may join the Association in year 2 or 3 at a reduced subscription
  3. Membership subscription per caravan to be levied at the discretion of the Committee. This amount may be varied as needs dictate but the organisation must be run on a “not for profit” basis.
  4. An electronic database to be maintained of all paid up members


  1. One Annual General Meeting (AGM) and one General Meeting (GM) per year to be arranged.
  2. The Annual General Meeting is open to all Caravan Owners and their family members but only paid-up Members may vote. One vote per paid-up Caravan.
  3. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) can be called by a quorum of Committee Members.
  4. Not less than twenty voting Members will constitute a quorum at AGMs or EGMs.


  1. 15 Committee Members to be voted for and appointed at the Annual General Meetings.
  2. Committee Members should normally be appointed for three years. Committee members may seek re-election after this three year period if they so wish
  3. The Committee to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer on a biannual basis
  4. The committee can co-opt new members to serve on the committee between AGMs.   However, these Members will submit themselves for election at the next AGM.
  5. Six Committee Members will constitute a quorum for a formal meeting.
  6. Apart from the day to day running expenses of the Association by the Chair, secretary and treasurer, Committee and other Members may not commit the Association to any expense/decision without Committee approval.
  7. The Officers and Committee Members are not authorised to take action of any kind that would commit the Association in legal expenses without a majority vote of the Committee Members in post at the time, including the Chair.
  8. Voting will be by majority vote, with the Chairman (or his substitute) having the casting vote.


  1. Minutes to be recorded at all meetings, presented, proposed and seconded at following meetings. Copies of all minutes will be sent to all members and be posted on the Association website.
  2. A bank account to be maintained in the name of the Association.
  3. A minimum of two signatories are required for operation of the bank account.   All other signatories to be advised of all transactions.
  4. In the event of the Association being wound up, any residual funds are to be donated to a local Swanage Charity, such as the Carnival Committee.