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The site provides all sorts of information about SBV and the Association.  You’ll find advice on navigation in the yellow box on the right.

Recent news and updates are highlighted below, with links to relevant pages. 

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Our next meeting will be a General Meeting on 28th March 2020

News and updates (last updated 10th December 2019):
- Minutes of November 2019 AGM
- Newsletter 87 September 2019

- AGM November 2019 Agenda
- Newsletter 86 July 2019 (85 was not issued)
- March 2019 meeting minutes

- Newsletter 84 – February 2019
- September 2018 AGM minutes
- Newsletter 83 Summer 2018
- Minutes of April meeting, approved at AGM
- Accounts summary, year ending Feb 2018

- Agenda and Reports for meeting on 7th April

- Newsletter 82, February 2018

- Revised Constitution, agreed at September AGM 

- Agenda for AGM 30th Sept 2017

- Newsletter 81, July 2017
- Audited Accounts February 2017

- April 2017 Meeting Minutes

- April 2017 Meeting Agenda
- February 2017 Financial Statement
- Newsletter 80 January 2017
- Newsletter 79 December 2016
2017-19 membership and renewal form now available
- Newsletter 78 October 2016
- AGM Minutes, October 2016
- Membership Report Sept 2016 – for discussion on 1st October

- Newsletter 77 August 2016

- Audited Accounts for 2015-16

- Newsletter 76 July 2016

- Newsletter 75 June 2016
- Newsletter 74 April 2016
- Accounts for Year 2015-2016

- Newsletter 72 February 2016
- Newsletter 71 February 2016
- Newsletter 70, January 2016

- Newsletter 69, December 2015
- Minutes of October meeting

- Newsletter 68, October 2015

- Agenda and Reports for GM October 2015

- Newsletter 67, July 2015

- Accounts for Year 2014-2015 
- Newsletter 66, May 2015

- Newsletter 65, Late Spring 2015

- Draft Minutes of March 28th General Meeting
- Newsletter 64, Spring 2015

- Documents for March meeting – Agenda, Draft Sept Minutes, Treasurer’s Report and Accounts
- Interim note (Feb 2015) about SBV’s recent letter about Insurance

- 2015 fees letter from Clare Dyer at SBV was re-issued with correct figures in January
- News from Joe’s Gym – continuing at SBV for now

- Newsletter 63, December 2014

- Newsletter 62, November 2014

- Annual Accounts 2013-14

- Agreed April General Meeting minutes, approved at our September AGM

- Draft General Meeting Minutes from April (to be approved at the AGM)

- Newsletter 61, July 2014
- A new page with links to the 2013 Agreed Licence is available here

- Sad news about John Sutton, May 2014
-Email sent to members re licence and rules 28th April

- 2013 Agreed Rules available to download here
- Email sent to members re rules 24th March

- Our next General Meeting is 5th April 2014 – details in Newsletter 60
- Newsletter 60, March 2014

- Email introducing Newsletter 60, sent March 12th 2014
- Newsletter 59, December 2013

- Email sent to Anne Foulkes re fees 11th December

- Newsletter 58, November 2013

- Draft AGM Minutes 2013
Association Accounts 2012-13
- Email about help needed for sycamore clearance in Townsend Nature Reserve on 6th October
- Email from Chairman about the recent AGM
- Text of note from Anne Foulkes read at recent AGM
- New Licence Celebration 16th July 

- Chairman’s notes from a meeting about Rates 

- Notice re Committee Elections, posted online on 15th July 
Email to members regarding Rates, sent 11th July 2013
Draft minutes from meeting held on 4th May (for approval at next meeting)
Link to new Government leaflet on Park Home legislation – note that this does NOT apply to Holiday mobile homes/caravans but is of interest to us as it is the result of much campaigning by Residential Park Home owners.
- Links to letters from Anne Foulkes referring to paying by instalments – two examples, one here and one here
Newsletter 57, circulated on 23rd May

- Email sent 23rd May introducing Newsletter 57
Email sent 23rd April re meeting on 4th May, and
Agenda for meeting on 4th May.
Email about Membership Renewal for 2013 (Important; members’ response is required) sent 22nd April
Email sent to members on 6th April, attaching:
Newsletter 56, sent on 6th April, covering next meeting, new licence, electricity and gas, site rules, landslip and need for new secretary 
Letter sent to Anne Foulkes re Electricity Service Charge on 22nd March 
- Note sent to members on 18th March regarding proposed new licence and no daily service charge

- A March update on sycamore clearance is now available on the Vegetation page
- Text of email sent to Anne Foulkes re Smart Meters on 6th March
- Update sent to members about rules, licence etc, sent 1st March 2013 

- Email about Smart Meters sent to members on 26th February 2013 in response to:

- Letter from SBV/Darwin about Smart Meters dated 22nd February (scanned copy) 
- Newsletter 55, sent to members on 15th February 2013 and referring to:

- Notes of meeting between the Association and Darwin on 28th January 2013
Note to members re recent meeting with Darwin, sent 3rd February 2013
Note to members regarding threatening letter from Darwin, sent 11th January 2013
Letter to Darwin (SBV office team) sent 11th January 2013

Older news, up to December 2012:
- Newsletter 54, sent on 17th December, is now available online here
- An updated message from Phil, our Chairman, is now online
- Details of a new caravan letting company, independent of Darwin, is available here 
- Our response to Darwin’s recent letter re 2013 fees was sent on 6th December and is available here
- Recent correspondence with Dorset Trading Standards is presented on our DTS page - this confirms their view that Darwin’s current position on the Association is not “logical or constructive” and that Darwin’s position on banning Association meetings in the Vista Centre can only be “short-lived and irritating”. See our DTS page for details.
- For Sale/Wanted Ads – we have a page on the website for advertising wants and sales. So far we’ve only had one Wanted ad on there but that has already had enough responses for it to be removed. So if you want to buy or sell do consider placing your ad here – it’s free!
- Our 9th Nov 2012 to Andy Bennett re fees discussion for next season is here.  Anthony Esse’s auto-rejection of his copy of that email is here.
- A report on October’s sycamore management activity on Townsend Nature Reserve is available by clicking here.
- An email circular sent to members on 8th November, about Darwin’s reaction to our October 2012 meeting postponement announcement, is available here.
- The email sent to members on 31st October is available here, and the note attached to that, outlining responses to Darwin’s letter of 16th October is here.
- Our 27th October 2012 meeting was postponed - see announcement here. Do note that if you are at SBV this weekend there will still be opportunities for informal discussion.  An earlier (now out-of-date) note outlining Darwin’s attitude to this meeting is available here. An email exchange relating to this can be seen here.
- Email to members sent on 23rd October 2012, regarding the recent letter from Darwin, is here.
- Email to members re our 27th October 2012 meeting is here, and Minutes from the July 2012 AGM are here.
- Our reply to Andy Bennett regarding circulation of Owners Association info to SBV staff is here.  Our invitation to Darwin to attend our next meeting is here.
- The recent exchange of letters with Anthony Esse is online – his 27th September letter to the Association and our 4th October reply.
- Our 1st October 2012 circular to members discusses the current situation with Darwin (available here), along with two documents relating to the £150 Refund – available here and here).

For a full review of news and recent information visit the News & Circulars section of the website.  For the latest circulars and information visit the Emails section, and the Newsletters section.  To look at recent correspondence with Darwin and other bodies visit the Representation section.